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Ted films (TEDFILM DPD) is a multifaceted Hybrid Production providing service resources across the UK TV industry with three unique services to the TV industry Network Broadcasts and Second Tier/ Next Generation Local Television Stations.

Ted Films & Television
Provides development & original progamming and branded content for specialty resource broadcast such as branded/sponorship televison programming and TVC for broadcast and television TX

Tedfilms & Digital DPD (Development, Production & Direction)
DPD service is an development specialty resource, providing contract post and production services to broadcast and television industry primarily for TV program creation and treatment development, pitching, producing, post and production for TV pilots, tV formats and tasters across UK.

Tedfilms & Digital AV Popup Studio & Location Services
TV Broadcast Studio Any where - Ted will provide unique on-site services to budget conscience TV and Local Television Network

“our preferred Supplier, they're the goto guys for us and AUstralia”

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OUR company prides itself on delivering beyond expectation


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Meet our team

Jacob Herbert

Line Producer

Daniel Kaye

Shooting Producer

David D.Kelly

Executive Producer/FilmMaker

Zoe Moira


Tristam Lee

Shooting Producer

Ted Films & TV ONe stop shop for branded advertorials, branded tv content and designed TV program formats.

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POPup studio. takes the stress out of aquisition, production and delivered on- time and on budget.

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